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Electric motors

We are manufacturers of AC electric motors, with size up to 160.

The motors are entirely built in our factory, using high quality italian materials.

We've several type of motors, single phase and three phase, with different cooling systems, self braking. On request we can build motors with special shaft lenghts, stainless steel shafts, special shapes, special voltage and frequency.

The motors are available in the following shapes: B3 (with foot), B5 (with flange), B3/B5 (with foot and flange), B5R (with reduced flange), B14 (with flange with threaded holes), B3/B14 (with foot and flange with threaded holes).


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Power output data
2 poles - 3000 rpm
4 poles - 1500 rpm
6 poles - 1000 rpm
8 poles - 750 rpm
2/4 poles - 3000/1500 rpm
4/6 poles - 1500/1000 rpm
6/8 poles - 1500/1000 rpm

General purpose electric motors

Aluminum frame electric motor

Electric motor with special shaft

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