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experience ad innovation

Over 60 years of story offer an important knowledge to create innovative products, shining in the classic machinery market. We propose solutions able to improve and develop the finishing processes in most industrial sectors.

quality and reliability

Every single product is engineered and built with an aim: not to see it again. Once out of our factory, tt must fulfill the needings of the customer, and it must never come back for bad functioning or inadequate performance.

italian product

All of our products are buit in our factory in Gorgonzola, close to Milan (Italy). The skills of our men offer the possibility to create unique and special products, projected following quality, reliability and innovation guidelines, on specific requests of our customers.

Ciclope s.r.l. gorgonzola milano italy macchine per la finitura superficiale dei metalli

New product

Double disc grinder


New product

Socket router for orthopedic prostheses.


Ciclope s.r.l. macchine utensili per la finitura superficiale dei metalli
Ciclope s.r.l. dispositivi di protezione per macchine utensili cuffie carter freni
Ciclope s.r.l. motori elettrici ansincroni monofase e trifase
Ciclope s.r.l. servizio di riparazione e assistenza macchine utensilli, motori, pompe, ventilatori