Company overview

Since over 80 years Ciclope is one of the most important manufacturers of surface finishing machinery. We offer a wide range for polishing and grinding, with single and double motors solutions, belt arms, flexible shaft machines, and finishing heads to be applied on lathes.

We've recently introduced also a machine range dedicated to watch makers and jewelers, developed to meet the specific demands of this market.

As we're also manufacturer of electric motors, we're able to satisfy all the needings of our customers in terms of rating/speed/tension/shaft shape, to offer always the best solution to every request. Most of our motors are featured by cast iron frames, built on our specs.

All of our machines are engineered to offer the requested power without noise and vibrations, ensuring the best possible comfort for the operator. The machine frames and pedestal are factors that increase the overall weight of the machine. All of our machines are built in our factory close to Milan, using only high-quality components to offert long-term performances.

One of our aims is the safety: we offer a lot of safety-related products, such as foot pedals, special guards, interlocks, brakes.

We also propose a repair service of machines, electric motors, pumps and fans.

ciclope s.r.l. produzione di macchine utensili dal 1940

ciclope s.r.l. produzione di macchine utensili e motori elettrici dal 1940

ciclope s.r.l. macchine utensili per la lavorazione dei metalli

ciclope s.r.l. macchine utensili per industria ortopedica, aerospaziale, arredamento, orologeria

ciclope s.r.l. fiera macchine utensili milano